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Biography of Lily Yousry-Jouve

Yousry was born in Cairo, to a French mother and an Egyptian father, who was a well known artist in Egypt and taught at school of fine arts. Under his tutelage, she learned to paint while she was still a child. She studied law, but always kept a special place for painting.
In 1992, she left France to live in several countries- Kenya, Philippines, Namibia and Gabon- and fully dedicated her time to painting.

From 1992 to 1996, she participated in several groups shows in Paris, particularly at the “Salon des Independants”, and had several solo exhibitions:
•“Hidden Lands”, Manila, Philippines, Georges Sison Gallery, in May 1999
•“A sense of Immutable”, Manila, Philippines, Budgi Gallery in April 2000
•“Rocks of Silence”, Windhoek, Namibia, National Art Gallery of Namibia, in February 2006
•“A tale of the rocks”, Windhoek, Namibia, Omba Gallery in March 2007.
•“Sonorités anciennes”, Libreville, Gabon, Les Ateliers Olima, in December 2010.

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The theme of her paintings focuses on landscapes, yet “landscapes”, in the conventional sense, is not exactly what she paints. Yousry’s art is neither abstract, neither representational. It finds its place between the two approaches, with the ambition to conciliate them. One can detect in it, a marked preference for the themes offered by Nature, particularly rocks, mountains, and trees. At the same time, one perceives the huge room given to the liberating and creative power of imagination and dream. A part of Yousry’s talent is her gift for transforming the real into the surreal from her peculiarly poetic vantage point.

The artist creates, with the help of geometrical figures and potent colours the imaginary spaces, which allow her to recreate the designs borrowed to reality. Colors in her paintings create the light and the shape, the space, the perspective, the movement and they are given an absolute liberty of expression. The outcome is an elegant stylization, able to highlight the deepness and wealth which result from the encounter between the imaginary and the concrete.

Yousry`s art conveys an instant affinity for the countries she travel trough that could be explained in terms of an intuitive feeling for nature. The paintings of the artist tell us that nature is diverse, beautiful, intense and intimate for the one who knows how to look at it.

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